Data Visualisations

These are experimental visualisations of work in progress. They may change or be removed. (For this reason, I do not recommend referencing them in academic publications!)

Unless stated otherwise, the visualisations use open source dataviz tools, the code/data is licensed as CC-BY-SA and you’re welcome to copy and re-use under the terms of that licence.

See In Her Mind’s Eye for ongoing developments.


I’ve moved away from D3-based visualisations to make more use of R. I’m finding it better suited to my data workflows and easier to work with. I’ve mainly been using the ggplot package and focusing on static visualisations, but I’m gradually advancing to more interactive options.

Slides for ‘Settlement and Removal: Poor Relief and Exclusion in 18th-century London’ (Cultures of Exclusion May 2017)


D3 is very powerful, but hard to learn to use effectively. Dimple and D3plus are both designed to simplify the use of D3 for people (like me) who aren’t Javascript experts, whilst allowing for considerable flexibility and further customisation; they have slightly different strengths.

(You can access the underlying javascript code and data by viewing the html source.)

Petitions in context

Petition word counts

Note: these charts use reworked versions of the public release files, from which marginal annotations etc that are not part of the body of the petition have been trimmed. May be slow to load.

Comparing types of petition